Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. Since how long have you been in this business ?
    - 12 Yrs.
  2. Is it a private of public limited company ?
    - Yes. It’s a private limited company.
  3. Who are the directors ?
    - Mr. Pratap Patole , Mrs. Mandakini Patole
  4. How much is the man-power available with ‘Supreme’ ?
    - Staff -> 40 Skilled Workers – 100 Un-skilled – 60
  5. Is the quality management system structured and certified according to a recognized standard ?
    - Yes, we’ve structured Quality management system and We are ISO/TS-16949:2002 certified company
  6. What’s the exact location of your company ? Nearest Port ?
    - It’s 200 km away from Mumbai, business capital of India. Nearest Port is Javaharlal Nehru Port Trust, Nhava Sheva
  7. How one can travel from Mumbai to Nashik ?
    - By Road – 3 Hrs. Journey , By Train – 2 Hrs. Journey
  8. Which is the core business area you are proficient in ?
    - Sheet metal stamping, fabrication, welding and assembling
  9. How much is the maximum Press Tonnage available ?
    - 250 T
  10. Do you have both hydraulic and mechanical Power Press machines ?
    - Yes
  11. What kind of welding facilities do you have ?
    - Projection welding, spot welding, ARC Welding
  12. What’s the range of thickness of sheet metal you can handle ?
    - ranging from .5 mm to 8 mm
  13. Are you capable for processing various surface treatment, heat treatment ?
    - Yes, through our resources. We’ve tie-ups with various setups to procure these services.
  14. Do you have your own design and tool room setup ?
    - Yes, we’ve softwares like Uni Graphics, Blank Nest and we design & manufactures tools at our own.
  15. How do you control your supply chain ?
    - We control supply chain using Kanban system.
  16. Do you conduct internal audits as well as audit your vendors too ?
    - Yes, we’ve team of internal auditors and we regularly conduct internal audits and also conduct audits of vendors.
  17. Do you have testing facilities in-house ?
    - Yes, we maintain well equipped testing laboratory with various special purpose machines designed & developed to check required parameters. We also have tie-up with NABL accredited labs for the testing.
  18. How about your rejection PPM ?
    - We maintain very low rejection PPM at all of our customers.
  19. Do you assess your existing products for value engineering, product innovation related research ?
    - Yes, a team of engineers accompanied by team of industrial engineers conducts regular studies and we’ve also passed the benefits to customers in many cases.
  20. Are you currently exporting ? Which country ?
    - Yes, we do export some of our components to the USA and UK
  21. Will you be able to handle logistics, warehousing in countries like Europe, US and UK ?
    - Yes, we have tie-ups with logistic service providers through them we can handle this area.
  22. Do you also make assemblies ?
    - Yes, we manufacture various assemblies for which we’ve established dedicated assembly lines.
  23. Do you have union affiliation ?
    - No